Service Based Business Essentials: Creating an Aligned Business with Rachel Kurzyp

Apr 12, 2023

You started your service based business so you can have more flexibility and freedom. So why is burnout so prevalent in this industry?

You will love the chat I have with Rachel Kurzyp about creating a business that is aligned to us as the business owner. As service based business owners we focus so much attention on our clients, the work we do for them, the results they can get and forget about ourselves in the process. And often it takes experiencing complete burnout before we start to reevaluate our business and how we run it. I love the way Rachel puts the business owner at the core of her coaching and helps you to find ways to run your business that is aligned with you.

Rachel Kurzyp is an Ethical Marketing and Business Coach who has supported over 3,000 multi-passionate Founders and Creatives to build businesses that honour their humanity so they can create, grow and thrive.

While others tell you what worked for them, Rachel works with you to discover what strategies, tactics and mindsets work best for you.

She believes that harnessing your lived experience, skill sets, and knowledge will allow you to build an aligned and profitable business without compromising your values, choosing between your passions and using unethical tactics.

Rachel is also a published author, international speaker, podcaster and teacher.

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