Create an Instagram Landing Page on your Website

May 26, 2020

Ever wondered how to get more than 1 link in your Instagram profile?

You’re not alone. That is prime Instagram real estate and they only allow 1 link. So here’s how you can use your website to work for you – create your own Instagram landing page!

Instead of using a 3rd party app like Linktree, use your own website to create a page that you have total control over, and is something you own. When you create a profile on Linktree, Linktree own that page, not you. And if you use the free version, they have their branding on the page, and you are limited to a few colors.

This tip literally will take you 11 minutes if you have all of your information and images ready.

Here’s what you need to get it done in 11 minutes:

  • an image of yourself for the very top of the landing page
  • links to pages on your website that you want your audience to click on – these could be your Freebie, your Blog, your Facebook page, your offers. Whatever content you mention in your instagram posts and stories
  • Your brand style guide (if you have one) to make sure that your Instagram Landing Page aligns with the rest of your website and business brand.
  • Any other branding elements you want to use on your page. Remember to keep it simple and let your buttons do the work for you!

So watch the tutorial below and let me know if you have any questions!

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