DIY your Coaching website in just 1 week with my free training – ‘Coaching Website in a Week’.


You will get access to short videos with step by step instructions to help you build your own website.

You will also get my support inside our Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support from other coaches who have built or are currently building their website.

here’s what you’ll learn

Day 1

Get set up online the right way complete with a budget outline (don’t worry! It’s probably cheaper than you think) and step by step instructions.

Day 2

Set up the backend of your website with back-ups, security, SEO tools and much more. You can totally do this!

Day 3

Start thinking about the design of your website, setting up your theme and getting comfortable navigating around your site.

Day 4

Dig into your branding! Decide on your style, colours, logo etc. This is a fun day that will get your creative juices flowing.

Day 5

Website pages and menu structure. We dive into these on day 5.

Day 6

Website Copy! What do you write on each page of your website? How do you layout your homepage? We cover this today – website copy, policies, terms & conditions, etc.

Day 7

Go live day! Finalise your site with SEO, Google webmaster tools, and test that everything is working as it should. By the end of Day 7 you will have your awesome Coaching website.

Facebook Group

If you ever feel stuck or just need to ask a specific question about your website, join the Facebook group and I’ll answer your questions.