Service Based Business Essentials: Legal Requirements for your Website

Jun 10, 2020

Does the thought of all of the legal requirements for your website want to make you bury your head in the sand? I get it. Hiring an attorney can be very scary and overwhelming, let alone the cost!

But burying your head in the sand and hoping nothing happens to your business is not the best strategy. As business owners, we have to do uncomfortable things and push ourselves out of our comfort zones to grow our business. And getting the legal requirements done for your website may not be as scary as you think.

That’s where today’s guest on my blog, Nicole Cheri Oden of comes in. If you’ve done my free training to Create your Coaching Website in a Week, you will already be familiar with Nicole’s templates.

Take a look at our interview and let me know what you think.

Nicole would receive many DM’s from online entrepreneurs asking about legal requirements for their website. She saw a need for customizable legal templates for online businesses that covered the basics so that they have protection in place.

Nicole and I talk about:

  • How and why she started her online business
  • What important legal requirements that online coaches need to include on their website and why.
  • In addition to legal requirements for websites, what other things should online coaches be aware of when they are first starting their business

Resources mentioned in the video:

Protect Your Website Bundle Templates*
The New Coach Bundle*

Nicole’s Bio:

Nicole is a wife, mama, attorney, and small business owner. She helps online entrepreneurs like you protect their businesses with her easy to use attorney-drafted legal templates so that they can grow them confidently.

Connect with Nicole:

Nicole Cheri Oden Legal Templates
Nicole Cheri Oden Law

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