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Christina Majoinen

Project TGL Website Redesign


Certified Dubsado Specialist and Productivity Trainer

Christina is a Certified Dubsado Specialist and “a massive geek and nerd.” Her words, not mine. She believes in building a good life. One where you:

  • Feel like a totally capable badass at work
  • Have clients raving about how easy it is to work with you
  • Connect meaningfully with loved ones
  • Spend your downtime on things that light you up
  • Feel zero to-do list guilt at the end of the day

Christina offers systems and tools that make life and business better — not faster.

Project Information

When we started this project Christina had been in business for 4 years. She had 3 offerings – Dubsado Set-Up Services, Productivity Workshops and Online Courses. She had DIY’d her website but was tired of using a service that limited what she could do on her website.

She came prepared with great images for her site, her copy and branding done, complete with customised branded elements that were to be scattered throughout the site.

Christina wanted people to think of freedom and creativity rather than structure and discipline when they think of Project TGL. Basically the brief was “the opposite of a spreadsheet!”

The top 3 goals for Christina’s website was:

  • Promote her services and workshops
  • Be something attractive
  • Reflect creativity rather than being too structured
an ipad standing upright on a desk featuring project tgl website. There is a plant to the left of the ipad.

It was a delight Nay!

“Before working with Nay, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to properly communicate my vision for what I wanted the site to look like. It’s a bit nerve-wracking putting the design of something so important into the hands of another person who cannot read your mind!  But it was a delight to work with Nay, and now I feel much more confident about how the business will be perceived when potential customers visit my site.”

– Christina Majoinen, Project TGL

Hey! I’m Nay

I help service-based business owners like you generate more revenue, help and serve more people, and enjoy your life a little more to spend with family or to pursue passion projects without the hustle.

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