You’re here because…

your website isn’t performing and you’re not sure why


Your website isn’t pulling its weight 

It’s not turning visitors into leads, and it’s frustrating. I get it! Maybe you’ve tried tweaking things here and there—switched up your text, swapped out images, even tried some of those “ultimate” checklists. But, still nothing has changed. **Deep breaths**

Let’s Dig into the Real Issue

It’s not just about a few tweaks. Your whole business is affected when your site doesn’t perform. But even more than that, the real struggle comes when you go down the technical “hole” —SEO, conversion rates, and all that tech talk that can seem overwhelming. What you really need isn’t another checklist (mine included 😯); you need clear, expert guidance tailored just for you.

Woman working on a laptop while enjoying a breakfast coffee and chocolate in bed

That’s why I created the Website Health Check

Clear, Actionable Advice

You’ll get a straightforward plan with prioritised steps to take your site from meh to wow.

Comprehensive Audit

I take a deep dive into your website, figuring out what’s working and what’s not.

Easy to Understand Explanations

I break down everything into plain English. No more tech speak that sounds like another language!

Why Me?

Great question! I kinda know a thing or two about websites. With over five years dedicated to designing and developing websites like yours, I know what works.

My approach is not one-size-fits-all. I look at your specific needs and challenges, and tailor the audit to your needs.

I don’t just drop a report in your inbox and disappear. I’m all about helping others so I provide resources to help you implement the changes. And if that’s just not something you want to do – I can do it for you!

We’re a Perfect Match If You Are…

  • Ready for clear, expert advice.
  • Able to provide me with the basics—like access to your site, Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  • Keen to follow simple, effective instructions to up your website game.

Ready for the deets?

Timeframe: 2 business days

Cost: $295

Next steps:

  1. Enter your name and email below to get started.
  2. Once submitted you will be sent the questionnaire, terms & conditions, and payment information.
  3. I get to work!


What do you need to complete the Website Health Check?

Admin login details to your website, Google Analytics and Google Search Console (if set up).

When will I get the report?

I will provide the report within 2 business days of receiving the login details.

When do I pay you?

Payment is required at the time of booking. You will be required to complete a short form and enter your payment. Once I receive your payment  I will start on your Website Health Check.

Can you fix any issues that are found?

Absolutely! If you don’t feel comfortable fixing the issues or you don’t have time I can make the updates for you. I will provide you with a price to make the updates. No updates will be made without your approval.

Can you still do a Website Health Check if my site isn't built using WordPress?

No, I won’t do a Website Health Check if your site isn’t built with WordPress. I am an experienced WordPress gal and I won’t be able to provide you with a comprehensive check. But I’m happy to recommend amazing designers who work with other platforms, just ask.

The fine print

  • The fee is non-refundable and payment is required before reviewing your site
  • No changes will be implemented on your site without your approval. Further updates will only be carried out after you have paid the agreed-upon price.
  • Login details are required to do a full review. You login details will be kept safe and private. You can add me as a user and remove me after the review is done.