let’s get down to the nitty gritty

(10 points if you read that in your best Nacho Libre voice)

you’re here because you need more time, more clients, more income


If you’re anything like me… you want to have less stress.  Financial independence. More time for family or passion projects.

    And you want to be able to achieve this without ‘the hustle’ – without spending more time working with clients (as amazing as they are!). You have a website, and you know it could be working so much better for you, but…

    • you don’t want to figure out the tech needed
    • you don’t have the time to do it
    • you’re worried if it will do what you need it do

    If any of that sounds like you, you’re in the right place!

    I’m Nay Stevens, and I design websites for service-based businesses like you who are ready to have more balance in their business and while still helping to serve your clients.


    Here’s how I can help

    The All-Inclusive


    The All-Inclusive is perfect for you if you’re ready to scale and are ready to work collaboratively with someone to help you every step of the way to turn your website into a revenue generating asset for your business.

    The Upgrade


    The Upgrade is perfect for you if you’re ready to scale, have clear offers and need a little direction to bring your branding and copy to life without any tech dramas to create a revenue generating website.

    The Express


    The Express is perfect for you if you’re ready to have all the tech set-up done for you so you can just add your content, ditch the DIY overwhelm and start generating revenue.


    Hey! I’m Nay…

    I know exactly what that feels like.

    I was working in the corporate world in a job that was decent, with people I really liked, but it was causing me more stress, less time with family and passion projects were non-existent. So I quit my job and flew half way around the world to Mexico (possibly a little dramatic!). With my husband. And volunteered for 8 months.

    After returning to Australia, I started learning everything I could about working online to be able to volunteer anywhere in the world while supporting my family financially.

    I started a social media marketing business, then moved into Facebook Advertising and fixed client websites to improve their marketing efforts Facebook Ad conversions. I contracted to a company to help in the Marketing department and I worked on redesigning the company website and created and revised multiple websites for myself. It was then that I realised web design was exactly what lit me up (cue all the Louis Litt gifs… Suits, anyone?).

    It’s been over 10 years since then and I’m still in Mexico, still volunteering and running a service-based business, which presented a different set of challenges! There is no safety net here, so the pressure is on to provide. Then the pandemic hit and the stress only increased.

    I started working too much. I was taking on every project. Working until 3 or 4 am. I was burnt out.

    I craved the life I had when we first moved to Mexico. Simple, Free and so rewarding!

    So I decided it was time to change that. I fired my clients who were causing me the most stress, and took a minute (more like a month!) to figure out what the next step was. I needed to automate more tasks, I needed my website to work harder for me. It’s like the plumber with the leaky tap right? A web designer with the worst website!

    I set up my website to generate more leads, generate more income and free up time so I could enjoy more time with family and to do the volunteer work that I love, while still having consistent work.

    And I would love to help you gain more time, more leads, resulting in more revenue by creating a website that allows you to have more balance in your life and business.